Issues & Challenges

There are quite a few issues and challenges encountered by organisations in understanding & merging the two, with the most common being: –

Understanding what is possible – Lack of knowledge about event technology’s integration with martech, which results in lack of understanding the value it brings.

Offline Mentality – Meetings and Events are often mistakenly viewed as ‘outside’ of the modern, digital marketing mix, which leads to event interactions not being captures, scored, shared or used to optimise marketing and sales outreach

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Lack of training on how to integrate the two – Even those organisations that capture data from their events make the mistake of storing that data in disconnected silos which are not shared with marketing systems making it impossible to get a single, clear picture of the event impact

Lack of infrastructure (Resources and IT) – Manual Processes and Fragmented technology – Manual processes simply cant keep up under the strain of high volume of event data, and fragmented point products typically only add to the problem by forcing your team to go in and out of disparate and disconnected systems

‘85% of event organizers plan to host at least three in-person events in 2023, with 35% planning to host at least 10’ – PMCA

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