Posted on May 18th, 2023 in Article.

Welcome to Eventfootprints – Day 1 – How we got here!

20 years ago, I started my journey in event technology. I was fortunate to work for IML, who were one of the original pioneers of event interactivity. I was hooked by the camaraderie of working with an amazing onsite team, delivering great event experiences using cutting edge technology.

Throughout the next 15 years, we saw the explosion of technology in events – first through the birth of event management systems to help planners with registration, followed by the introduction of the smartphone which led to a second wave of event innovation and attendee engagement.

However, it was in 2018, when I started working with the Klik smart wearable technology, that my eyes were opened to the amount of onsite event data that organisers and marketers could capture, but just weren’t leveraging, to support real event ROI.

Early in 2020, the idea of Eventfootprints, a consultancy that took event data and integrated it into business systems, was merely a dream that was unable to become a reality because of the pandemic.

Roll on to late 2022 and a chance encounter with Adam Sharp, CEO of Clevertouch Marketing. I presented an idea to Adam about how enriched attendee data could be utilised by organisers and marketers to support sales and marketing efforts. Event data that could be used to support personalisation of event and wider marketing campaigns, event attribution and behavioural insights. Data that could help to move prospects, leads and contacts through the sales and marketing funnels quicker. Thankfully, along with business partner Nick Burrell, they loved the idea and today, as you read this, Eventfootprints is live!

As I embark on my first few months as a new company owner, I wanted to acknowledge all those who have had such a positive impact on my career so far!

Firstly, to Adam Sharp and Nick Burrell – Thank you for believing in this project. I look forward to working with you and your team at Clevertouch as my dream becomes a reality.

To all the leaders and mentors who have shaped my career – Jon FowlerStuart TurnerJamie CurtisRichard TaylorRichard FisherPete EyreChris Elmitt.

To the event tech experts (past and present) and close friends who I have had the pleasure to work alongside – Dermott MaddenPeter FowlerRobbie VigersKim ProctorWendy AppletonMark HalleyRichard Shafe

More recently, to the wonderful industry peers who have listened to me and helped me shape the Eventfootprints proposition over the past few weeks – Faye CarterAndrew CarneLee DennisonJennifer Bray

Thank you to all of you!

As I sign off and get to work, a recent conversation at Confex made me think a little deeper about how Eventfootprints could impact our industry for the better…

As we begin to prove the true ROI of events to CMOs and CFOs, what if it led to an increase in event budgets? Not only would it drive even better experiences for attendees, but it would also increase opportunities to the event suppliers who suffered so much during the pandemic. If I can give something back to an industry I know and love, then I know I have succeded.

If you would like to understand more about Eventfootprints, our services, our technology partners and how we realise event ROI then please get in touch.


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