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My First 2 Months in the Event Technology Industry

Embarking on a new chapter can be both exciting and daunting. As a recent university graduate in Media and Communications from Cardiff University, this is what I found stepping into an industry I knew very little about only seven weeks ago.


Picture of Event Footprints at ETL 2023

As a fresh face in event tech, I had the opportunity to attend both Cvent Connect Europe 2023 and Event Tech Live 2023 earlier this month alongside my two colleagues (Rob Curtis and Natasha Greaves). Even though both events were very different, with Cvent Connect Europe being a user client conference and Event Tech Live being a trade show, I have written this as a recap of both events to share my perspective as a newcomer navigating this industry.

I remained totally open minded and eager to learn going into both events, setting few expectations and goals for what I wanted to achieve. Every experience was a total revelation, a lesson or an immersion into a community that seems to thrive on passion and innovation.

Here are some key takeaways I noted from both events:

Networking Goldmine

The most standout takeaway was the networking opportunities organised as part of the schedule for both events. Initially I felt apprehensive in approaching others, but the welcoming environment made me feel at ease. Engaging in conversations with professionals of the industry from different backgrounds, providing me visions into their career paths within event technology.


Picture of the main stage at Cvent Connect Europe 2023

Industry Trends

Across both events, I attended over ten different sessions and panel discussions offering a crash course in current trends and advancements. The content for Cvent Connect Europe contained interesting talks on everything from leveraging data driven insights to women in leadership within event tech to using generate AI effectively. While Event Tech Live saw experts delving into the latest market shifts, emerging technologies, and upcoming challenges.

Expectedly AI was at the forefront of discussion on many panels, but I found the discussion on data and lead capture to be particularly fascinating personally, as speakers across the board emphasised the crucial role of context in getting meaning from data. For a newcomer like me, this insider perspective was hugely insightful in providing a roadmap for staying ahead of the curve in a dynamic industry like this.

An Abundance of Innovation

The wealth of innovation I found notable, being exposed to advancements that will shape the industry’s future, from cutting-edge technology to revolutionary new products, like the Bizzabo’s Klik Smartbadge™ ‘The Edge’. I would like to add that it was great to meet the Head of Klik, Will Curran in person, after hearing a lot about his online community.

Witnessing live demonstrations of upcoming software provided insight into the rapid pace of innovation, while also fuelled my interest to explore further.


Picture of Rob Curtis and Dax Callner presenting

Educational Opportunities

Before attending the events, I thought that the focus was on networking and showcasing future material, yet I was pleasantly surprised by the emphasis on education. Tailored road mapping sessions filled with valuable information were designed for people at every level, providing a welcome change where I didn’t feel like the sole novice for once! I know see that these learning opportunities are helpful in bridging the knowledge gap across the board.

Enjoyable Awards Dinner

I would be lying if I didn’t say going into the awards dinner at Cvent Connect Europe, I was slightly regretting it, by assuming it to be formal with a slightly stuffy atmosphere. However, to my surprise the evening turned out to be an absolute blast and my favourite part across both events, Michael Newton was hilarious and a great host. The atmosphere was charged with positive energy and excitement as everyone assembled to celebrate achievements. Undoubtedly, the stars of the show were The Function Band, who greeted us as we entered the venue, covering popular songs from across the ages and setting the perfect tone for a night of celebration.


Picture of The Function Band singing on the main stage at Cvent Connect Europe 2023


During my first week, Rob Curtis expressed his passion for the industry to me, highlighting the merge in the creativity of events with the innovation of technology, to create a very exciting sector to be involved in- a sentiment I now totally agree with. My experience at two successive events was undeniably transformative, while it felt initially overwhelming, the teachings I have picked up will be invaluable in the long run. I am deeply grateful for the warm reception and the wealth of expertise shared. Here’s to new beginnings and the thrilling adventures that await!

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