Individual Event Projects - Hosted or 3rd Party Events


Event Campaign Design, Segmentation and Execution

Working with you to create personalised event email compaigns to increase sign ups and to ensure the right people attend your events.


Event Technology Design and implementation

Scoping out the objectives of your event and how technology, both marketing tech and event tech can support these to ensure event ROI.


Consulting on attendee data capture on thoughts, opinions and event behaviour

We design the experience to optimise data capture throughout the whole attendee journey from registration and onsite through to optimising engagement and feedback collection within sessions.


Experienced onsite technical support

Our team of experienced technology specialists will ensure your event runs smoothly. They will cover the technical installation of hardware, Set-up and manage onsite registration, WiFi audits and mange technology help desks.


Event Reporting and integrations

We have dedicated data and insights team who specialise in integrating platforms and can either build custom event ROI dashboards within your own CRMs or on external data visualisation platforms.

Digital Transformation of Total Event Programmes


Event Technology Audits

Evaluation of your existing tech stack and tiering of your events to ensure the right technology is being used on the right events. As part of this service, we are able to support you in writing RFPs


Optimisation of existing enterprise event tech and mar tech for event ROI

Already got a platform in place but feel it not being ustilised or properly connected to business systems? Not a problem. Our services and methodologies can be applied to new tech as well as existing tech,

Business Impact

Event ROI Visualisations

We are able to demonstrate and visualise both the event feedback metrics and business performance of your event campaigns within templated or custom reports. These are built by our dedicated data and insights team either within 3rd party applications such as Tableu or Microsoft BI or within your own marketing or sales tech stacks

Event Influence and Business Impact

If the event’s primary focus is on opportunity creation, we are able to visualise how much business opportunity the event has created, influenced and closed over time using dynamic reporting.

If the core event objective is demand generation, we can visualise how many new qualified prospects were collected at the event and how these move within the sales and marketing funnel over time. We believe our event ROI dashboards are truly ground-breaking in being able to show the growth impact of B2B events.

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