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In the fast-evolving landscape of data, analytics, and AI (Artificial Intelligence), staying ahead of the curve is essential for businesses aiming to thrive. Deloitte Experience Analytics 2023 emerged as a pivotal event, providing a unique platform for C-suite executives, senior leaders, and professionals in the realms of data, analytics, and AI. The event not only addressed key issues and challenges but also offered strategic insights and solutions in the exciting domain of AI and data analytics.

Event Highlights

Deloitte Experience Analytics 2023 was more than just a conference; it was an immersive experience featuring Ted-X style talks, live demonstrations, and interactive lab sessions. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with thought leaders, learn from industry peers, and explore the latest trends in data and AI. The event attracted over 600 attendees, boasted 17 sponsors, featured 81 industry speakers, and hosted 25 sessions all on one day at the home of English Rugby, Twickenham Stadium.

The Solution

To elevate the engagement of all stakeholders – attendees, sponsors, speakers, and senior Deloitte partners – Deloitte collaborated with Event Footprints, a leading event technology solution provider. The core challenge was addressed through a ‘best in class technology’ approach, incorporating cutting-edge tools for audience engagement and data insights. All 3 technologies were seamlessly integrated together.

EA Tech Stack

  • Cvent’s Attendee Hub (Event App): Launched four weeks before the event, this app-enabled attendees to view the program, register for sessions, access logistical information, and engage with fellow participants.
  • Klik SmartBadge™: Event Footprints introduced this revolutionary technology for on-site engagement. The Klik SmartBadge™ facilitated on-demand badge printing and event check in, digital networking, grouping of attendees using LED lights, collection of digital event collateral, and a sophisticated gamification engine, contributing to an immersive event experience.
  • Vevox: Deployed for attendee engagement within the main plenary sessions and event survey completion, Vevox added an interactive element to the conference, enhancing the overall learning experience.

The Outcome

Post-event, Event Footprints harnessed the wealth of data captured throughout the attendee journey to measure the event’s impact comprehensively. Our data and insights team produced comprehensive BI dashboards that delved into:

  • Identifying Topic Interests: Analysing data to identify specific topics that resonated most with attendees.
  • Content Session Analysis: Determining which content sessions garnered the most interest and engagement.
  • Networking Insights: Quantifying the number of conversations that took place among attendees, fostering valuable connections.
  • Sponsor ROI: Delivering a full assessment of sponsor return on investment, crucial for future partnerships.
  • Event Impact Reporting: Offering a comprehensive report on the overall impact of the event, including insights for improvement.
  • Impressively, Event Footprints captured a staggering 20,642 data points, utilizing 22 demographic filters for a comprehensive analysis.

EA Data


Deloitte Experience Analytics 2023 not only displayed the latest trends in experience analytics but also demonstrated the power of technology in creating an immersive and engaging event. By leveraging cutting-edge tools and analytics, Deloitte and Event Footprints set a new standard for conferences in the data and AI space, leaving attendees equipped with practical advice to enhance their businesses.

Through the best-in-class event technology, we have been able to get a much clearer picture on the impact of one of our flagship client experiences. Working with Event Footprints has been a wholly positive experience. They helped us to define the best technology to use, to get optimum insight into our delegate behaviours, beliefs, and preferences. This has enabled us to articulate the effectiveness of the event and it will help us to identify areas for improvement and evolution.

Faye Carter, Head of Experiential, Deloitte

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